How To Open Facebook In China

I have always wanted to go visit the Great Wall of China and many other tourist destinations in China with my family. What I was not aware of was that the government of China places some restrictions on some networks, and especially social media sites such as Facebook, You Tube and Twitter. These sites are blocked by firewalls that belong to the government hence making it difficult to access these sites and some personal accounts such as Gmail. I was in distress for a few days because I had not managed to reach my family members who had not travelled with me. Moreover, I could not share some special memories I made there with them as the sites that I could easily use to share pictures and videos with them had been blocked.

I therefore decided to seek the services of an IT specialist in China and that is when I discovered that it is actually possible to unblock some of these sites and get beyond the government’s firewalls. This IT specialist gave me tips that would be quite helpful in knowing how to open Facebook in China.

Ways Of Unblocking Facebook Restrictions In China

At first, I tried using the free proxies that are like websites; through them one can access Facebook without being detected by the government of China. Each proxy that is input and searched for has a different location. So for instance, I was in China but the proxy I used was in the Unites States of America (USA) hence I able to hack through the firewall for some time. However, I discovered that it took quite long to open Facebook and before I could even use it well, the site shut down leaving me there dry and high.

The next thing I did was use the Tor Browser to open Facebook. The way Tor works is by avoiding the restrictions placed by the government using other connections worldwide. Strangely enough I found this quite easy as I simply downloaded it onto my laptop, ran it through to install and then I connected to Facebook through it. More or same like the free proxies, Facebook was slow and inefficient. This is most likely due to the distance data travelled as it tried to evade the firewalls created by the Chinese government.

I also came to know about the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) that allow one to access any site of their choice anywhere in the world, behind any restrictions put in place. Since I had not already downloaded and installed the VPN software before my visit to China, it was quite difficult to set it up. VPN basically works by giving you a pin number that you can key in to the system, giving you access to Facebook. It is important to first check if the VPN you are going to use is actually working in China so that you do not get frustrated by the network. After you have managed to successfully set up your VPN account, you can easily connect to Facebook.

My last resort to connecting to Facebook was using secure proxies which are slightly different from the free proxies. This is because one needs to sign up for them at a Proxy Centre and pay so as to connect to Facebook without being restricted by the firewalls set up. If one is not sure about using them, there is availability of a free trial period that allows one to confirm if the secure proxies actually work for you. I found this the best way to access Facebook as it was fast, efficient and accessible at any time. I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation in peace, informing my family about my activities.


How to open Facebook in China is quite easy if you have the right method and resources to use. You can use both free and secure proxies, VPNs and the Tor Browser.

Coral Reef Food Web And The Beautiful Diversity Of Coral Reefs Throughout The World

A coral reef food web can be extremely diverse, enriching the beauty and the resilience of the coral formations it is a part of. Maintaining this diversity is often key to keeping coral reefs around longer and making sure that they remain resilient in the face of trying and difficult circumstances leading to the reduction of their populations.

Coral Reef Food Web Diversity

Coral reefs feature a hose of marine creatures, each with its own specific and very important part when it comes to contributing to the food web of the ecosystem in question.

Sponges and anemones offer shelter for species of fish like clownfish and anemone fish, as well as various species of crabs and fish. Sea stars, sea cucumbers and sea urchins also live on the reef, along with shrimps and lobsters that find refuge from predators among coral branches – you can read about the coral reef food web

At the same time, schooling and solitary fish both play a major role in maintaining the coral food web. These include large sharks, resilient parrotfish, colorful wrasses and the illusive eel – all predators and prey vital to the survival of the coral reef itself.

The Most Beautiful And Diverse Coral Reefs

Coral reef food web diversity is extremely important, but it also makes coral reefs some of the most desirable places to visit on the entire planet. The following are some of the most important places where beautiful and highly diverse corals and coral reef food chains can be found:

• The Coral Triangle is composed of the marine waters of islands such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Solomon Islands and the Philippines. Here you can find some of the most diverse coral reef food webs, as well as the most stunning underwater locations to visit, with more than 3,000 different species of fish alone having been identified as part of the Coral Triangle’s remarkable biodiversity.

• The newly discovered coral reef formations in Bahia, Brazil, is believed to be one of the world’s largest and most diverse reef systems – even larger than the Abrolhos reef system in the South Pacific, and is also estimated to be quite abundant in marine life diversity, including a few truly rare and endangered species.

• Finally, the Great Barrier Reef is a huge formation of almost 3,000 coral reefs located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Australia. This remarkable reef formation is home to a wide variety of species, being divided into 70 different bioregions 30 of which are reef bioregions.

These ecosystems are also among the most protected in the world, fishing, development and tourism often threatening to lead many of the most beautiful coral reef areas to extinction throughout the world. With the efforts in place today, however, the rich coral reef food web of many of these areas might be successfully protected at least for the next few decades.

All You Need To Know About Treating Severe Candida Infections

Yeast infections affect many people on a daily basis and the thing is that while they are not apparently dangerous to your health, if you leave your Candida infection untreated, then it can get progressively worse and even get in the bloodstream. When that happens, you’re at risk for various types of diseases, so that is why you may want to consider treating your candida infection in its earlier stages.

Get The Right Supplements

If you’re looking for candida support online, then the various websites and forums out there are going to tell you that it’s very important to take some natural supplements that contain probiotics, herbs and various types of enzymes. After you get these supplements, make sure that you read their label and take them for as long as recommended.

Consider Eating Plain Yogurt

You may not believe it at first, but by eating plain yogurt you can actually get rid of your candida infection sooner than you think. Plain yogurt that contains active cultures has various properties that are very effective in the fight against the Candida infection.

Don’t Wear Underwear At Night

Some people may not feel comfortable ditching their underwear before going to bed, but this is very important to consider if you want to get rid of your Candida infection as soon as possible. Also, during the day, you need to consider wearing one hundred percent cotton underwear. This way, your skin will be able to easily breathe.

Try Eating More Garlic

Some people will outright refuse to eat garlic, but the good news is that garlic is very potent when it comes to helping eliminate the Candida albicans infection from your system. If you don’t like to eat raw garlic, then don’t worry about it. There are also garlic pills that you can take so this way, you won’t need to worry about the odor.

Speak To Your Doctor

If you don’t like to use over the counter medications or creams, then it’s recommended that you speak to your doctor as soon as possible. He will tell you what you need to know about the best medications to consider in order to treat your Candida albicans infection as soon as possible. In most cases, doctors are going to prescribe Diflucan. If your doctor does prescribe you this, it’s very important that you follow his instructions regarding how to use this medication.

Is Debt Consolidation For Car Loans Advisable?

There are various situations when debt consolidation is the only way out of a difficult financial situation, but there are also situations when you have to consider if you really want to go through with one more loan agreement. Usually, people try to consolidate mortgage loans or payments on several credit cards. Does it also make sense to consolidate a car loan?

Loans for a New Car

New cars are expensive, especially if it is a brand new model with the latest gadgets and technology in it. Sometimes, you see a car and you really want to have it, despite the voice of reason telling you that it is too expensive. If you take up a larger loan than you can afford, you may reach the point when you need debt consolidation for it.

However, is it really worth it? The sad truth about brand new cars is that their value decreases very fast during the first years. If you signed for a loan on a top car model and in the second year of ownership find yourself unable to repay it, consolidating the loan will probably get you nowhere.

The reason for this is that the principle of consolidation loans is to lower your monthly installments – which means that they are for a longer term ( In this situation, you will be paying for 5 or 6 years for a car whose value keeps decreasing.

Loans for a Used Car

Ironically enough, pre-owned or used cars do not decrease their value as abruptly as brand new cars. Therefore, if you really need that car and you struggle with the loan, debt consolidation is actually a viable option for you. This depends, of course on how old the car is, how good your credit score is and other issues.

If you want to understand a lender’s logic when deciding to refinance your loan or not, ask yourself: is the car worth the loan? If you cannot keep up with the payment, would you get enough money from selling it to repay the consolidated loan?

In general, banks and credit unions will consolidate debts for cars which are 4 years old or less. The refinancing depends also on whom you bought the car from. If you got it from a car dealership, your chances are higher than if you bought it directly from its previous owner.

In the end, consider how much longer you intend to use your car. If it is longer than 3 years, you should seek debt consolidation loans; otherwise, you are better off selling the car in order to liquidate the loan.

What You Need To Know About Where You Can Get Turmeric From

Turmeric curcumin is one of the most popular alternative medicines you can currently consider if you want to improve your body’s healing rate, prevent various types of cancers, but also improve your overall health and even the flavor of your foods. However, where can you actually get it from?

Get The Capsules Online

If you’re looking for turmeric capsules, the good news is that there are many websites that you can get them from and all you need to do is make sure that you do some good research prior to buying from them. One thing to keep in mind about turmeric capsules is that they’re rich in antioxidants and have strong anti-inflammatory properties. On top of that, they’re also one hundred percent vegetarian, so if you’re a vegetarian, then you don’t have to worry about ingesting any type of animal protein by taking them. Lastly, since they’re made in the United States, you can have the peace of mind that you’re getting an authentic and high quality product.

Southeast Asia

In China and India people use turmeric both as a medicine and food. Ayurveda, which is basically India’s traditional healing system is based a lot on the use of turmeric in order to treat infections, but also wounds and a host of diseases and conditions. In traditional Chinese medicine, turmeric curcumin is used in order to treat depression.

Grocery Stores

If you live in the US, then that’s great, since the majority of grocery stores here carry turmeric and therefore you can easily get it without having to order it from Asia. You can get turmeric either in powder form which you can use in order to make a paste that you can apply on your cuts and other types of wounds in order to improve their healing rate. On top of that, you can also get it in raw form (root).

Health Food Stores

Last but not least, if you happen to pass by one or live close to one, then you could easily buy turmeric from your local health food store. In most cases you’ll find turmeric available in capsule form which contains ninety five percent curcumin. Keep in mind that there may also be some types of capsules that contain bromelain and chlorella which help improve its absorption by the body. As long as you use turmeric curcumin properly, you’re certainly going to enjoy its many health benefits without experiencing any types of side effects.