How To Open Facebook In China

I have always wanted to go visit the Great Wall of China and many other tourist destinations in China with my family. What I was not aware of was that the government of China places some restrictions on some networks, and especially social media sites such as Facebook, You Tube and Twitter. These sites are blocked by firewalls that belong to the government hence making it difficult to access these sites and some personal accounts such as Gmail. I was in distress for a few days because I had not managed to reach my family members who had not travelled with me. Moreover, I could not share some special memories I made there with them as the sites that I could easily use to share pictures and videos with them had been blocked.

I therefore decided to seek the services of an IT specialist in China and that is when I discovered that it is actually possible to unblock some of these sites and get beyond the government’s firewalls. This IT specialist gave me tips that would be quite helpful in knowing how to open Facebook in China.

Ways Of Unblocking Facebook Restrictions In China

At first, I tried using the free proxies that are like websites; through them one can access Facebook without being detected by the government of China. Each proxy that is input and searched for has a different location. So for instance, I was in China but the proxy I used was in the Unites States of America (USA) hence I able to hack through the firewall for some time. However, I discovered that it took quite long to open Facebook and before I could even use it well, the site shut down leaving me there dry and high.

The next thing I did was use the Tor Browser to open Facebook. The way Tor works is by avoiding the restrictions placed by the government using other connections worldwide. Strangely enough I found this quite easy as I simply downloaded it onto my laptop, ran it through to install and then I connected to Facebook through it. More or same like the free proxies, Facebook was slow and inefficient. This is most likely due to the distance data travelled as it tried to evade the firewalls created by the Chinese government.

I also came to know about the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) that allow one to access any site of their choice anywhere in the world, behind any restrictions put in place. Since I had not already downloaded and installed the VPN software before my visit to China, it was quite difficult to set it up. VPN basically works by giving you a pin number that you can key in to the system, giving you access to Facebook. It is important to first check if the VPN you are going to use is actually working in China so that you do not get frustrated by the network. After you have managed to successfully set up your VPN account, you can easily connect to Facebook.

My last resort to connecting to Facebook was using secure proxies which are slightly different from the free proxies. This is because one needs to sign up for them at a Proxy Centre and pay so as to connect to Facebook without being restricted by the firewalls set up. If one is not sure about using them, there is availability of a free trial period that allows one to confirm if the secure proxies actually work for you. I found this the best way to access Facebook as it was fast, efficient and accessible at any time. I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation in peace, informing my family about my activities.


How to open Facebook in China is quite easy if you have the right method and resources to use. You can use both free and secure proxies, VPNs and the Tor Browser.

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